Affiliate Marketing

Real Websites Limited (David Ruck) is extremely experienced in Affiliate Marketing. Here is one of my own websites that is a good earner for me and it’s not even finished!

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An SEO website with Affiliate Network set up and some product code implementation is approximately $7995 + GST)

If you want to ensure your affiliate company, affiliate networks, online systems, affiliate/merchantrelationships, processes, marketing, reporting & affiliate platforms are set up correctly then please consider us for your shopping websites, SEO, PPC, SEM & design strategies. We work smarter & harder to ensure minimal capitol investments & quick ROI!

Affiliate Website Builds & Solutions

Business Branding & Brand Development

Before launching into a market it’s best practise to d some basic level of market research & competitor analysis. We provide this service with a great deal of efficiency & accuracy utilising various web tools, data collection agencies & contractors.

After this data is collected a clearer picture is formed of your target markets needs & wants, likely marketing strategies, potential revenues and a realistic expectation of ROI & growth projections.

Establishing Your Brand

Once you have established your branding and strategies they will need to be exposed online via varying platforms. A website that created confidence in the market place within your targeted audience is going to be the focal point/foundation of your online business & brand. We can get an affiliate website ready for your merchant products & branded for as little as $1495 + GST.

Online Marketing Strategies

PPC, SEM, SEO, Social Media + MORE!

The type of marketing strategy you choose can be strongly determined by on your target market. We strongly advise on quality white hat SEO techniques to help solidify you in your market. White hat SEO, quality on page content with some careful relevant backlinking is going to earn your business online & website a great reputation with serah engines such as Google. When you have a Web Marketing Partner A1 Websites that is delivering the BEST in SEO, Social Media Campaigning & PPC setups + Managements & Analysis you can rest assured your investments will deliver your expected ROI!.

Marketing Management & Ongoing Analysis

In-depth reports are generated from your affiliate networks & service providers such as Google show you how well your website, marketing strategies and projections are working, tracking & delivering for you. These reports are crucial in showing you the strengths & weaknesses with real time data intended for analysis. These reports need to be analysed by someone who knows how to read them, decipher them & more importantly that can help you understand how these numbers are affecting your online business and areas you may need to look at furthering your ongoing budgets and reinvestments into. You can gain an entire picture of all of your business strategies from marketing including any traditional forms of media such as radio or print to all of your online advertising options including your social media and SEO developments.

Email Marketing & List Building

Email marketing involves building lists of leads/contacts/people and organising different groups within your lists. Having groups of people or companies organised by things such as age, location, likes/dislikes and previously purchases or searched items is extremely valuable information as you can market products to these people that they are highly likely want or need. There are many reasons why it is important to try to market relevant & suitable products to the right people including retention of people in your lists and higher conversion rates of sold items, products or services. This results in less long term work and greater rewards long term in your marketing portfolios.

Email & Marketing Campaigns

Once you have the lists you will probably need help marketing to them. This would mean – Creating copy for emails, creating landing pages on your site that relate to the emails sent – and once again management/analysis of results from reports and tweaking campaigns, lists, landing pages. Just at an initial look, we could probably run each campaign at about $500 + GST (maybe a bit cheaper) and I would include the management/analysis fee in this so after each campaign we could go through the reports/results together. Each campaign would require a landing page and an email creative – so graphics, content, copy, design, plus reporting.