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There are various E-Commerce options available. Below are a few things to consider before looking into different e-commerce options & solutions available.

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E-Commerce Consultations

Quality e-commerce consultations are crucial. Make sure you get the right advice the first time before committing to an e-commerce solution or it could be very costly in the long run. You will also need to consider ongoing service costs and consultation time from your e-commerce solution suppliers. Analysing your online business performance to look at continuing improvements is essential to a successful online e-commerce solution.


E-Commerce Setup & Software Integration

Make sure whoever is setting up your e-commerce solution for your business knows what they are doing. Ensuring everything is setup properly from the start is crucial to keeping ongoing costs low & ensuring you maximise your e-commerce results for your business online. It is very costly to look at rebuilding after you launch.


Customer Base

The bigger your existing customer base, the higher the cost with e-commerce. This is where careful thought has to be put in for affordable e-commerce set ups that can handle growth without a horrendous price tag associated to a full rebuild when you start reaching your online business goals & targets.

Products, Database, Accounting & Inventory

The size of your products base or database will also affect the overall costs for both e-commerce setup and ongoing e-commerce service providers.

E-Commerce Marketing

Once your e-commerce solution is built and is functioning for you, you still need to drive potential customers to your website and/or shop. Many people make the mistake of building a great website but forget to think about the aspect of marketing that website and putting it in front of the right market online.


Retailers & E-Commerce

If you are in a retail environment, you will need to consider full solution software that manages all aspects of your product inventories, accounts and works via your existing or new POS systems.


More To Consider…

Ongoing Costs
Transaction fees
Terms & Conditions
International Shipping
Postage & Delivery Fees