Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do you get an SEO website performing on Google?

    People still view the website copy or website content as an after thought not realizing that good website content writing is critical to the success of the website. People spend money on the design and web development of a new website, but then they forget about the most important part, the content! Just like your website design, good website SEO & copy writing needs to work on several different levels. MORE INFO

  • How does Social Media enhance my website design & SEO?

    Social media usage is growing bigger than ever all the time and the business world knows it. 75% of Fortune 100 companies were on Facebook in 2012 and 87% were using at least some form of social media. These companies received more than 10 million social mentions every month and it’s very obvious that the strategy has proven successful. But social media is not reserved for titans of industry. Small businesses can and should use social media to promote growth. The question, of course, is how to do it. MORE INFO

  • What are the ongoing costs for SEO websites & website designers?

    From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, A1 Websites provides your complete web hosting solution.
    Everything you need and more for as little as $95 + GST per year including full support! MORE INFO

  • What is your hourly rate for additional work?

    We charge a very competitive $80 per hour though we often discount this when delivering a custom website solution as a package deal.