Full Website Solutions

I build full custom website designs & SEO strategy solutions. Most importantly I install all the necessary components in your website to ensure you have full ownership, complete management and monitoring ability of your Real Website investment.

Websites & Solutions Built In Stages:

Whilst we offer the different website solutions tailored for your business needs, this package below is recommended to ensure success & satisfaction of your website for your business. We can break this down into as many as five separate stages for you so you do not have to commit with us to a full website solution price immediately. This can help minimize risk and make your business website project more affordable and attractive for you. Call us for a complete and free consultation. We can give options and information on our website building process or browse this website further starting from below.

A Full Website Development Solution Includes

1. Minimum 8-10 SEO Website Pages

SEO pages is what will ultimately get your business website performing on Google. Of course includes standard website pages such as:

Home | Our Services | About Us | Contact Us +  5 SEO PAGES

2. Company Imaging & Design

When people get to your website due to good SEO, they will have to like what they see. Branding & logo design is included – full website graphics and affordable website design to match – (This is what will also help covert higher value jobs such as New Home Builds for a builder for example) – Vector copies of your logo are provided and we can also look after any vehicle signage and uniforms and such for you if you need at great prices through our contacts in the industry – ie. www.brandmarketing.co.nz

3. Website Design Revisions

We consult with you & customize your website design until you’re 100% satisfied with the overall look and appeal. Includes all SEO research. We deliver the content so you can sit back and enjoy the results!

4. Website Reporting

Your SEO website is set up with Google Analytics, a free tool provided by Google. Google will email you a monthly/weekly report with a full break down of how well your website is performing. No point paying for an SEO specialist and website design if you are left in the dark with its performance.

5. Content Management System

Easily edit your own website content and add your own images from your home or office PC , iPad or Tablet (tuition included). CMS also allows you to do additional SEO yourself giving you complete control and NO knowledge of code is needed – I provide one on one tuition on this via the phone and I provide this service myself 24/7 for my clients included in the annual fee 🙂

6. Responsive Websites

Real Websites and most modern website designs are built on the latest software. They work on all devices “Responsive”such as smart phones & tablets. No extra charge and no urgent need for a separate smartphone application development!

7. Contact Form

Of course your potential clients and existing customers can contact you 24/7 via an online form.

8. Social Media Setup & Links

Enhance your SEO, exposure & Google rankings with Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter & Google Plus. We set these up or improve your existing ones and employ your website design and branding into these pages for you. It also helps your SEO to link these / verify to your website correctly.

9. Google Maps | Google Places | Google Analytic | Google Plus

Complete Google setup to ensure complete web control & full exposure through all Google services. Also needed for effective website SEM & PPC strategies (Google Adwords).

10. Domain Name Purchase

First 12 months of registration of one domain name ie www.realwebsites.co.nz.

11. 12 Month High Speed Unlimited Web Hosting

Real Websites designers & SEO experts ensure your website has great page load speeds helping to increase your Google rankings with an excellent hosting plan – our hosting fee also covers any service you may need throughout the year and tuition.

12. 3 Email Accounts

Most businesses only need 3 email accounts but if you need more just let us know.
Have a more professional image with yourname@yourbusiness.co.nz. Gmail (Google Mail) Interfacing and branding included (simply means you can send and receive emails via your Gmail account setup in a way so it looks as though emails are coming from your true email address (or use Outlook if you prefer). We walk you through this process if you want to make the change to Google Mail.

13. Search Engine Submissions

We ensure your website design is found on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & many more. This is a great SEO strategy and kicks your website off with some immediate SEO power behind it – it must be done very carefully however.

14. Full Browser Compatibility

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome friendly. Most web platforms these days come out of the box ready to work on all browsers. However, when customisation is done in CSS & HTML/5 the developer must be careful to write this in.

Call Real Websites for a full & final SEO website solution today. For any free info regarding your website project and/or online marketing please give us a call and chat with a specialist – contact us.

This full and complete Real Website SEO & design strategy solution is $7995 + GST (valued at over $20, 0000!!!) and then only $495 + GST per year – no more hassles!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Do So Much For So Little?

We have developed our internal processes, expertise and systems to allow for maximum efficiency and effectiveness within our company. Great communication, open discussions among our development, SEO, design, consultants, project management & contracted teams allows close monitoring and a great learning environment for our staff. The latest developments and latest techniques in SEO & IT are seen by our teams and we adjust fast within this fast paced industry in a broad range of IT areas.

After Sales Service Information

What can I do to improve my website SEO performance?

What You NEED To Know

Real Websites aim to have a new project complete within 4 weeks of our clients commitments to us. It can however take up to 3 months for Google to take your new website seriously as there are 1000′s of new websites go on-line everyday. However, most of our clients get results from their affordable website designs within 2-4 weeks due to our in house SEO expertise.

The 3 Main Questions:

What are the on going website costs?

With Real Websites all essential costs are included for the first 12 months. All of our new websites come with the first 12 months hosting included and support fees are built into our hosting fees. Great website hosting, website reporting & website service for standard static websites starting from only $495 + GST per year. Depending on your industry, additional SEO may be required if you are targeting high demand valuable keywords exposure on Google such as “builders auckland” for instance. This is discussed on an individual project basis.

(For more info on hosting and on-going costs click here)

Can I access and control my website, pages, content and images?

100% Yes! With WordPress it’s easy! WordPress is the world leader as a website development tool and rapidly growing in the development industry due to the really user friendly interface which allows average people to easily edit, improve and build on their websites themselves. We get you completely up and running on this software on-line and also provide ongoing support for you as an real Website client.

With a completely free and massive on-line community offering free support and advice around the clock, the knowledge is only a clever Google search query away for any questions you may have. WordPress is the best software option for building your website on in most cases.

Getting a website from Real Websites also means you are getting your business full training & support on the latest on-line and development techniques and tools for both web development and also search engine technologies.

Do I own the website design & info?

Yes. You own everything upon receipt of full payment. Your business domain name, the website designs, images, content, files and databases. You are simply contracting us to build it and maintain it for you. At anytime any of this information is requested we send these to you including the UDAI Key within 48 hours. Assuming we are doing our jobs correctly and keeping the charges fair price, you should never have to leave us and our goal is to retain 100% of our clients.

(For more FAQ’s and answers about websites please click here)

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Please note:

  1. Limitations apply to E-Commerce & directory options at this price.
  2. If you already have a domain name then our hosting fee and domain name renewal fee will apply from your existing domain name renewal date.
  3. Please see the real Websites Terms & Conditions for further technical and legal information regarding our websites, hosting, domain names and all associated real Websites’ services.