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If it’s not done right it just won’t work…

PPC Advertising

Don’t get sucked into a set rate contract for your Google Adwords by some guy dressed in a suit with an iPad! Google doesn’t have set rates OR contracts – it’s the third parties like Yellow and many other third party agencies that do that. We don’t! We KNOW what we do works BETTER and is much more affordable. Why no contracts? Because like Google We know what we do works so you’ll choose to continue of your own free will.

Real Websites make advertising with Google very easy and very affordable. It’s probably a lot more affordable than you probably think! It’s done on a “Pay Per Click” basis so, if you choose the words “Builders Auckland” – and if you have bid the right price for those words then your website/page appears at the top of Google. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert. Cost could be $1 – $15 per click but prices vary greatly depending on industry and area.

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Better SEM Conversion Rates

Google Adwords Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an online advertising tool that Real Websites uses to promote your website and get you immediate great results for your business on Google. Google Adwords will increase the visibility of your business to many users of Google who are searching for products and services that relate to your business and services. This allows you to precisely target your exact audience. For instance, if someone searches for a “plumber” and they are in “Auckland“, then your website link will appear directly in front of this person and is highly likely to be clicked!

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Real Websites continues to provide SEM Management Services, including managing your keywords and studying your conversion rates. This effectively distributes your online advertising spend and ensures that your website performs effectively for your business.

Our Pricing

Most of the work involved is in the initial account set up and keyword research. We strive for higher conversion rates to ensure you are getting actual inquiries from as many of the exact type of client you are looking or.

Google Adwords one time Set up cost = $100 + GST per 100 keywords. This includes research, consultation, account set up and free monthly automated email reporting set up from Google.

After this, if you wish us to manage and continually improve your campaigns with ongoing market/keyword research we only charge a 35% management fee with SEO on your site included.

As an estimate for you, we recommend in most instances that clients spend between $500 – $1000 per month with Google Adwords however depending on your market, location and company thresholds you may not need to spend anything or you may need to consider investing more.

We strongly believe advertising directly with Google via Real Websites which will give you the best ROI without a doubt!

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

The model used in Real Websites Google AdWords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) program. This is an internet advertising model where you pay only when your ad is clicked.

Cost & ROI (Returns On Investment)

The cost per click for your Google Advertising is defined through a bidding system much like the stock exchanges and that’s why you need constant bid monitoring and management to ensure you get the desired results and conversion rates with the lowest cost per click.

Landing Pages

The landing pages of your website (where potential customers end up) will have a huge impact on the conversion of clicks to actual sales inquiries for your business – Real Websites have a team of specialized SEO and marketing experts to help ensure your website gets maximum sales inquiries from all the visitors you will get!

Better Conversions

The key is to do it cleverly using specific and well constructed pages on your website for the particular keyword you are targeting. These are called “Landing Pages“. If you are advertising to those searching for “kitchen renovations” on Google and they click your business which is at the top of Google search results, then we would have that customer land on a page called “Kitchen Renovations” on your website. This page is nicely constructed and all about “Kitchen Renovations”. This increases the conversion rates of people landing on your website to people who actually call and become your customers!