Online Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing

The idea of an affiliate marketing program is that a website owner invests into the marketing of a website using SEO, PPC, SEM, Social Media. The marketing is usually quite specific to a small group of keywords for highly effective conversions of the products. The owner of the website will receive a commission on any sales they refer to the merchandiser, reseller or retailer.Here is a list of affiliate websites that deliver merchandise to New Zealand. You can sign up with any of them if they like the appeal and functionality of your website.

List of affiliate program websites

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is where you pay a search engine (such as Google) to appear at the top of their search results for various “keywords” such as “plumber auckland”. Everytime somebody clicks your advert at the top of Google or Yahoo etc you are charged for the click.

The great thing about Google Adword is that they offer excellent “keyword tools” for quickly and accurately identifying needs and demands – potential markets – within varying demographics AND geographically.

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On Page Content SEO
This is an art of building “keyword specific” content/words/images/links and pages for your website. So you may target “discount diamonds” as a keyword and then build/SEO your website and/or pages around the subject of “discount diamonds” as much as possible using the words, images & links related to “discount diamonds”. Search engines such as Google are constantly “scanning” websites to check the “quality”  of what is written and presented on the pages of your website. If the information is broken down nicely, categorised well, then it is more likely Google will “rank” your website/page highly and send more visitors to your website when they are looking for those targeted keywords.