SEO “Search Engine Optimisation” & Copywriting

The words you put on your site will make or break its success!seo

People still view the website copy or website content as an after thought not realizing that good website content writing is critical to the success of the website. People spend money on the design and web development of a new website, but then they forget about the most important part, the content! Just like your website design, good website SEO & copy writing needs to work on several different levels.

Good website content should always consider the following:

  • Sales Oriented—your website content will be acting as your “salesperson” in the virtual world. The words you use need to sell your products or service online and make people want to call you now or email you a question which in turn should become a sale.
  • Targeted Audiences—what do you want your website to achieve? Maybe you want to sell products or perhaps generate enquiries? Your website SEO & Copywriting needs to drive people through your site and persuade them to take action.
  • User-friendly—the information your customers need has to be easy for them to find and understand. The website content writing has to be presented and arranged to easily lead people through the sales process.
  • Search Engine Optimised — your website Copywriting must be written in such a way that search engines such as Google recognise what it is specifically about and can then help people to find your website under different search criteria related to your business. It must use the specific keywords that people type into search engines when they are looking for your type of product or service. The words you use will help your site to rank higher, placing you at the top of search engine lists.
  • Professional Appeal—ever been to a site with spelling or grammar mistakes? Doesn’t look good does it? Maybe it even casts doubt in your mind as to whether you should use that company. We make sure your website Copywriting is correct so people don’t get distracted from your product or service by spelling or grammer errors and mistakes.
  • Well-Branded—your website SEO & content writing should reflect your company branding and core messages.  It should promote customer loyalty and company credibility.

Website SEO & Copywriting that generates ACTUAL BUSINESS

At Real Websites we have a specialist team of SEO & copywriter specialists with vast experience in website content and SEO copywriting that’s proven to work. Real Websites will work with you to learn about your business and help research your target customers.  We will find out what it is you’re trying to achieve and then help come up with great web content to convert your website visitors into customers. Here are just some areas of website SEO & copywriting that Real Websites can help you with:

  • Total Web Copywriting—get your site up and running quickly by letting us take care of the copywriting. Your copy will be targeted to your specific audience and business aims.
  • Pay Per Click—we can help make your Pay Per Click campaign a success by developing your campaign content including ad copy and landing pages.
  • Advertising Copy—we can help write your advertising copy, both on and offline, to ensure your brand messages are consistent across your advertising mediums, target your specified audiences, and get your message across effectively.
  • Content Management Systems—We develop our websites around easy to use content management systems so that you can manage, and make changes to your content using a simple log in. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it gives you greater control over your site content.