Peter Trapp – AAA Master Painters

“I have had David from Real Websites work for me over the last couple of years.  Previous to him I have had several other companies running Adword campaigns for me with disappointing results.  Not to mention Yellow Online, Builders Crack, Gopher etc with extremely poor results.

Because I had such poor results from other providers I was apprehensive when David contacted me.  He was extremely informative about why my previous campaigns probably failed and won me around to giving him a go.

His pricing was far more reasonable than other competitors and the performance of my Adwords campaign was like chalk and cheese to my previous experiences.

Along with his Website SEO work and the manipulation of our search words, we have become number 1 in Wgtn.  Because of David’s skills he has managed to keep our Adwords cost per click to a minimum.

I need to be careful how often we’re spending on Adwords to make sure I can get through all the work.  We have literally won hundreds of thousands of dollars of work.

I have also learnt more about Web Site SEO manipulation and Adword campaigns from David than I ever learnt from years with other providers.

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone thinking of winning more customers. ”

Kind Regards

Peter Trapp

Director – AAA Master Painters

(021) 59 59 59